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How is My Car Valued?

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How do Sell Your Car value my car?

Getting your car's value with our online car valuation tool is super quick and easy. However, what goes on behind the scenes is more complex than you may think, as there are various factors that need to be considered before providing you with an estimate.

Our system considers thousands of pieces of data and a variety of factors before providing you with a fair valuation. When you visit a Sell Your Car location, the valuation will be confirmed by one of our associates before the final agreement.

The most convenient way to sell your car

Selling your car couldn't be easier when using our online car valuation tool. It's designed to be straightforward and quick to use, allowing you to receive your estimate within minutes. We also guarantee to give you the best price for your car, should you decide to sell it to us.

If you're happy with the estimate provided, simply arrange an appointment with your nearest Sell Your Car location to get the valuation confirmed and your car sold.